I Know My Number...What's Next?

Keep digging deeper.

The Enneagram personality theory is not static. It is dynamic! Your number Type interacts with and moves towards other Types. To fully understand the depth and value of the Enneagram, you have to dig deeper. This course will introduce the concepts of wings, triads, lines and arrows in better understanding yourself—particularly how you respond under stress and in growth. Jump in to learn more.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Before we begin...

    • Introduction: The Journey

    • Review of The Nine Types

  • 2


    • About Wings

    • Wings for All 9 Enneagram Types

  • 3


    • Understanding the Triads

    • Listening to Your Center

    • Expressions of the Intelligence Centers

    • Centers, Lies, and Spiritual Growth

  • 4

    Your Type Under Stress & Growth

    • Understanding Lines and Arrows

    • Levels of Development

  • 5

    Wrap Up

    • Just for Fun!

    • Before you go...

    • Resources for Continued Growth

Course Instructor

Training & Curriculum Coordinator

Andrea Kroeze

Andrea loves all things cozy: mugs filled with warm drinks, blankets and books. She is usually found organizing, creating a system, decorating her home, being a mom to 3 kids, or stretching her mind through a book or podcast. With 5 years experience living overseas in Uganda, Africa, Andrea's passion is equipping and training students in cultural understanding and preparing them for a life of mission.

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To truly understand the implications and applications of The Enneagram, you need to go deeper than your number. This personality tool is most helpful when you know how it works in dynamics with all the other types. Keep learning more!