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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect my group to experience through this Global Poverty simulation?

  • How long does the simulation take?

    Suggested time is to allow 2-3 hour total. Each "round" should be in 30 minute increments, with families given 15 minutes for scenario decisions and 15 minutes of debrief and reflection. The simulation can be spread out over the course of multiple gatherings and/or a longer retreat setting.

  • What is the ideal group size for the simulation?

    You should have enough participants to create at least 2 "families" comprised of 3-6 people. A suggested maximum is 64 participants, with a total of 8 families comprised of 8 people.

  • What supplies will I need to participate?

    Each "family" unit will need a total of $2 in quarters to simulate the experience of living on $2 a day, 1 regular game die (dice) of any size/color, and 1 red marker. Additionally, you will need to appoint a "Group Facilitator" per family unit.

  • What will my group learn through the simulation?

    The goal of the simulation is to allow participants to get a taste of the type of decisions families living in the Majority World on less than $2 a day likely face. As participants make difficult decisions on behalf of a family, they will grow in empathy for the economically poor and gain understanding to the complexities of poverty.

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