Top 3 Reasons You Need Training

Whether you are preparing for a Short-Term Missions Experience or want to know more about living on mission in your daily life, training is essential.

  • Good intentions don't always yield healthy results. Training will guide you in helping others without bringing harm to them or yourselves in the process.

  • In order to see long-term change, it is essential to be trained to work in partnership with others. Dialogue creates a symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits.

  • Missions training significantly increases the possibility of long-term, lasting change in the life of a student or participant in God's mission.

Our Training Focus

What will you learn through The Missions Academy?


    Who are you? Explore who you are in Christ, what gifts and talents God has given you and how to use those to live out the mission of God every day and everywhere.


    Who are we? No matter who you are or where you are from, there is a culture around you that has influence. Deepen your understanding of culture and how to more effectively engage with those from different cultural perspectives.


    How should you live? When you understand yourself as a "sent one" by God, you realize that each day you have an opportunity to live for him. Uncover God's mission and how you can be a part of it.


    How should you respond? Poverty stems from brokenness in relationship and there are forms of poverty all around us. Identity your own brokenness and learn how to effectively help those in need without causing harm in the process.


    How do I lead well? Whether you are leading a team of students or you want to learn how to lead on mission, equip yourself with tools and mindsets that will make you an effective and compassionate leader that others will be inspired to follow.