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This is a comprehensive course that includes 8 units considered to be foundational for pre-missions engagement.

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    Masterclasses have been intentionally curated to include everything necessary for mastering an area of learning and leaving with a comprehensive view of the topic. Each unit is built upon the next and based upon our recommended order of learning.

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About This Course

    1. Welcome!

    2. How to use this course

    3. Introductions

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Download Notes Page

    4. Introduction

    5. What is the Gospel?

    6. Assignment #1

    7. Where do we find God's Story?

    8. Assignment #2

    9. Let's Recap

    10. The Mission of God

    11. What is Missio Dei?

    12. Response Quiz

    13. What is Mission?

    14. What is a Missionary?

    15. Am I a missionary?

    16. Sending in the Bible

    17. Quiz: The Gospel Movements

    18. The Gospel Story Arc

    19. Illustrated: The Gospel Story Arc

    20. Movement 1

    21. Key Word #1

    22. Movement 2

    23. Key Word #2

    24. Movement 3

    25. Key Word #3

    26. Movement 4

    27. Key Word #4

    28. Assignment #3

    29. Applying God's Story

    30. What is the G.O.S.P.E.L?

    31. Mission Model

    32. Up, In, and Out

    33. Assignment #4

    34. Conclusion

    35. Final Quiz

    36. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    37. Closing Survey

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Download Notes Page

    4. Introduction

    5. Inside Out

    6. Reflect: Core Memories

    7. Up

    8. Life Map

    9. Additional Life Map Prompts

    10. Your Story

    11. Reflection

    12. What is Chronos?

    13. What is Kairos?

    14. Kairos Video

    15. Quiz

    16. Entering the Story

    17. Finding God and Yourself in Your Story

    18. Step 1: Engage

    19. Step 2: Reflect

    20. Step 3: Act

    21. Assignment

    22. Wrap Up

    23. Final Quiz

    24. Download: Recognizing a Kairos Moment

    25. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    26. Closing Survey

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Download Notes Worksheet

    4. Introduction

    5. Opening Brainstorm

    6. What is Culture?

    7. Cultural Icebergs

    8. Common Cross-Cultural Mistakes

    9. Reflect

    10. Danger of a Single Story

    11. Common Cross-Cultural Mistakes, Part 2

    12. Response

    13. Cultural Values

    14. Cultural Values and Phrases

    15. Cultural Values Response

    16. Finding Common Ground

    17. Cultural Examples Video

    18. Assignment: Cultural Values Worksheet

    19. Principle #1

    20. Principle #2

    21. Questions to Ask Your Ministry Host

    22. Principle #3

    23. Final Quiz

    24. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    25. Closing Survey

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Introduction

    4. Download Worksheet

    5. Response Questions

    6. Communication Principle #1

    7. Recall

    8. Communication Principle #2

    9. Communication Principle #3

    10. Communication Principles #4 & #5

    11. Applying the Principles

    12. Cultural Communication Case Study

    13. Response

    14. What Went Right

    15. Wrap Up

    16. Reflection

    17. Conclusion

    18. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    19. Closing Survey

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Download Notes Page

    4. Introduction

    5. Initial Thoughts

    6. Opening Brainstorm: Part 1

    7. Worksheet Response #1

    8. Opening Brainstorm: Part 2

    9. Worksheet Response #2

    10. Opening Brainstorm: Part 3

    11. What is Poverty?

    12. Four Broken Relationships

    13. Reflect

    14. Beliefs & Solutions

    15. US vs THEM

    16. Quiz

    17. Poverty Case Studies

    18. Case Study Response

    19. Review and Application

    20. Reflect

    21. When Helping Hurts

    22. Reflection

    23. Identifying god-complexes

    24. One-For-One Campaign

    25. Viking Missions

    26. Case Study: Hurricane Matthew

    27. Assignment: Design a STM Trip

    28. Haiti Case Study Response

    29. Is this helping or hurting?

    30. Stages of Development

    31. Quiz

    32. Do No Harm

    33. The Egg Drop

    34. Principles to Helping Without Hurting

    35. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    36. Closing Survey

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What others are saying...

"Greatest tools of my youth ministry career."

Nicole, a Team Leader

"Touch The World's training has been one of the greatest tools in my youth ministry career. To walk with my students through this training, go on a trip with them, and use that the rest of the school year for discipleship and beyond. If you’ve engaged fully in {The Missions Academy} training, and you’ve engaged in culture, poverty, evangelism, identity, God, then you can no longer just walk down the street and look at people the same. You may choose to, but you cannot un-know what you’ve learned.”

"A whole new dynamic way"

Reggie A., Youth Leader

I lead a young team of about 50 kids who have done missions both locally and globally and this training has helped us to grow and it has personally helped me to develop and prepare my team in a whole new dynamic way as it pertains to ministry and service to others both in our own neighborhoods and across the seas.

"Relevant to the questions [Gen Z] is asking..."

Dr. Jolene Erlacher, Next Gen Author and speaker, leadingtomorrow.or

I am excited to see the great content The Missions Academy has developed for young people who are pursuing missions. The content is relevant to the questions they are asking and the awareness they need. It is formatted to engage young participants in the ways they learn best, with short video content, personal applications, and space to reflect and process what they are learning. It also prepares them to participate more thoughtfully in discussions with team leaders and peers as they process their place in what God is doing globally.

"As hosts, you made our job easy!"

-Missionary Host, undisclosed location

"We were truly blessed to have you come along side {our ministry}. It is awesome to see a team who has been well equipped and trained and with leaders (and quite frankly the whole team) who “get it”—That short term missions can be a great thing when done right and with proper motives and thinking. You can definitely tell, through this past team, Touch the World has a good and healthy understanding of missions. As hosts, you made our jobs easy, and I know our staff benefitted from your team tremendously! Thanks for being sensitive to the culture, our staff, our clients, etc. and thank you for asking questions and wanting to be learners.

"Unlike other organizations..."

by Emily O., a student

I absolutely love how God is using this organization to impact people. I’ve been on other missions trips before with different organizations, but none of them even compare to Touch the World. They train how to be relational in evangelizing instead of being business-like and impersonal like the other organizations I’ve been with. Touch the World truly believes that every person is on the same playing field and no one is better or higher than anyone else. Every person is just as in need of a Savior as the next.

"Invaluable tool for discipleship..."

Trevor N., Pastor of Discipleship

Having participated in and led more than a dozen short term missions trips, I am more confident than ever that proper training is essential. And in my opinion, the Missions Academy offers an unprecedented caliber of training in a way that students can easily understand and process. The Missions Academy is way more than pre-trip training. It is an invaluable tool for discipleship that is effectively equipping students to engage with the Mission of God in their everyday lives long after the trip is over.

Jayna V., student and former intern

My experiences with Touch the World helped me to look deeper and to remind me that no matter what you do, you should use the gifts God gave you to live on mission for him. This helped me to think deeper about what I wanted to do with my life, and has led me to pursue a career in social work. Not only that, but these trainings have challenged me to go deeper in my relationships with others and to love and encourage all those that God has placed in my life, whether it is a one-time conversation with someone, or a lifelong relationship.

"Take that step and go for it!"

Alex T., Youth Pastor

"As a youth pastor who values intentionality and a clear purpose behind the ministry I’m doing, I have been incredibly blessed to find a partner that operates that way as well...every aspect was well thought out and helped our whole group understand what mission is really about... For every mission trip we do in the future, I will be utilizing the mission training they offer. If you’re on the fence about the value, I encourage you to take that step and go for it, as I trust that you’ll find it as valuable as I have.