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Whether you are getting ready for your first cross-cultural ministry or have been serving among the nations for years, Culture Shock will be a useful tool to equip you for handling cultural challenges and to navigate being "stuck in the suck" of culture shock.

Course Overview

    1. Meet Your Instructors

    2. Course Overview: How it Works

    3. Navigating the Course Player

    4. Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes

    5. How to Submit Assignments

    6. Help!

    7. Before we begin...

    1. What is Culture?

    2. Cultural Sins | Reflection

    3. Crossing Cultures from Heaven to Earth

    4. "Becoming All Things"

    5. Chapter 1 | Assignment

    1. Cultural Confusion!

    2. Getting to the Heart of Culture

    3. Kwast's Model of Culture

    4. (Optional) Further Exploration of Cultural Models

    5. Chapter 2 | Assignment

    1. What is Culture Stress?

    2. Case Study: A Life Overseas

    3. Culture and Culture Shock | Quiz

    4. One Missionary's Experience with Cultural Adjustment

    5. Chapter 3 | Assignment

    1. Questioning the U-Curve Model

    2. Reading for Further Learning

    3. Validity of the 4 Stages of Cultural Adjustment

    4. The Development Model of Intercultural Sensitivity

    5. Explaining the DMIS

    6. Another Perspective | Reflection

    7. Chapter 4 | Assignment

    1. Change Management Model

    2. The Change Cycle | Reflection

    3. The Change Cycle | Quiz

    4. Can Culture Shock Help You Learn Culture?

    5. Chapter 5 | Assignment

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  • Downloadable resources

Course Facilitators

Who will you be learning with?

Training & Curriculum Coordinator Andrea Kroeze

Andrea loves all things cozy: mugs filled with warm drinks, blankets and books. She is usually found organizing, creating a system, decorating her home, being a mom to 3 kids, or stretching her mind through a book or podcast. With 5 years experience living overseas in Uganda, Africa, Andrea's passion is equipping and training students in cultural understanding and preparing them for a life of mission.

Suggested Course Pacing

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  • Pick a Week

    This course is designed to be completed within 7 consecutive days for maximum benefit. Setting aside the time to devote to the course assignments will help you implement your learning in real time within your cross-cultural context.

  • Engage with Facilitator

    By following the pacing sequence to complete one chapter each day, you can ensure to get feedback from your course facilitator in a timely matter. This engagement will enhance your ability to achieve the desired learning outcomes.