How does the cohort work?

Deepen your learning by completing a Masterclass at your own pace, paired with live online seminars in community with other short-term mission trainers.

  • Individual Learning

    The Masterclass: Essentials for Pre-Mission Training Training has been intentionally curated to include everything necessary for mastering an area of learning and leaving with a comprehensive view of the topic. Each unit is based upon our recommended order of learning. This course will be completed individually, at your own pace following a recommended schedule.

  • Online Meetings

    During this 4 week course, you will meet online via Zoom with the entire cohort of short-term mission trainers and leaders. Review additional seminar materials from an experienced leader and then collaborate together about best practices for short-term mission team preparation. These online calls will take place on Thursday, March 23, 30 and April 6 at 1:00-2:15pm EST.

  • Personalized Coaching

    Included in this cohort will be an optional 1 hour individual leader or team coaching call to discuss the obstacles and opportunities for your specific missions context. Strategize how to implement more training into your current STM program and discuss how to implement The Missions Academy into your requirements to better prepare your teams.

About This Course

    1. Welcome!

    2. How This Cohort will Work

    3. Navigating the Course Player

    4. Discussion Tab & Introductions

    5. Schedule an Individual Coaching Session

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Download Notes Page

    4. Introduction

    5. What is the Gospel?

    6. Assignment #1

    7. Where do we find God's Story?

    8. Assignment #2

    9. Let's Recap

    10. The Mission of God

    11. What is Missio Dei?

    12. Response Quiz

    13. What is Mission?

    14. What is a Missionary?

    15. Sending in the Bible

    16. Quiz: The Gospel Movements

    17. The Gospel Story Arc

    18. Illustrated: The Gospel Story Arc

    19. Movement 1

    20. Key Word #1

    21. Movement 2

    22. Key Word #2

    23. Movement 3

    24. Key Word #3

    25. Movement 4

    26. Key Word #4

    27. Assignment #3

    28. Applying God's Story

    29. What is the G.O.S.P.E.L?

    30. Mission Model

    31. Up, In, and Out

    32. Assignment #4

    33. Conclusion

    34. Final Quiz

    35. Closing Survey

    36. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Download Notes Page

    4. Introduction

    5. Inside Out

    6. Up

    7. Life Map

    8. Additional Life Map Prompts

    9. Your Story

    10. Reflection

    11. What is Chronos?

    12. What is Kairos?

    13. Kairos Video

    14. Quiz

    15. Entering the Story

    16. Finding God and Yourself in Your Story

    17. Step 1: Engage

    18. Step 2: Reflect

    19. Step 3: Act

    20. Assignment

    21. Wrap Up

    22. Final Quiz

    23. Download: Recognizing a Kairos Moment

    24. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Download Notes Page

    4. Introduction

    5. Initial Thoughts

    6. Opening Brainstorm: Part 1

    7. Worksheet Response #1

    8. Opening Brainstorm: Part 2

    9. Worksheet Response #2

    10. Opening Brainstorm: Part 3

    11. What is Poverty?

    12. Four Broken Relationships

    13. Reflect

    14. Beliefs & Solutions

    15. US vs THEM

    16. Quiz

    17. Poverty Case Studies

    18. Case Study Response

    19. Review and Application

    20. When Helping Hurts

    21. Reflection

    22. Identifying god-complexes

    23. One-For-One Campaign

    24. Viking Missions

    25. Case Study: Hurricane Matthew

    26. Assignment: Design a STM Trip

    27. Is this helping or hurting?

    28. Haiti Case Study Response

    29. Stages of Development

    30. Quiz

    31. Do No Harm

    32. The Egg Drop

    33. Principles to Helping Without Hurting

    34. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    35. Closing Survey

    1. Spring STM Trainer Cohort - Zoom Call #1

    2. Recording of Live Call #1

    3. Resources from Live Call #1

    1. Unit Objectives

    2. Intro Survey

    3. Download Notes Worksheet

    4. Introduction

    5. Opening Brainstorm

    6. What is Culture?

    7. Cultural Icebergs

    8. Common Cross-Cultural Mistakes

    9. Reflect

    10. Danger of a Single Story

    11. Common Cross-Cultural Mistakes, Part 2

    12. Response

    13. Cultural Values

    14. Cultural Values and Phrases

    15. Cultural Values Response

    16. Finding Common Ground

    17. Cultural Examples Video

    18. Assignment: Cultural Values Worksheet

    19. Principle #1

    20. Principle #2

    21. Questions to Ask Your Ministry Host

    22. Principle #3

    23. Final Quiz

    24. Resources for You to Keep Growing

    25. Closing Survey

  • $149.00
  • 220 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content
  • Includes Missions Trip Resource Bundle: 3 workbooks pictured below
  • 3 Live Zoom Calls
  • 1 hr of Individual Coaching

Meet Your Cohort Instructor

Training & Curriculum Coordinator Andrea Kroeze

Andrea loves all things cozy: mugs filled with warm drinks, blankets and books. She is usually found organizing, creating a system, decorating her home, being a mom to 3 kids, or stretching her mind through a book or podcast. With 5 years experience living overseas in Uganda, Africa, Andrea's passion is equipping and training students in cultural understanding and preparing them for a life of mission.

You may be wondering...

  • How long should I expect to commit to the work each week?

    Each week you will be given a suggested pace of completing 2 or 3 units of the Masterclass. Estimate about 1 hour to complete each unit.

  • Is this training also for team members and participants?

    No. This STM Trainer Cohort is specifically designed for the Missions Pastor/Coordinator for a group (church or organization). It will help provide the framework for developing a training program for your current or future teams and expose you to the resources available from The Missions Academy that you could incorporate into your program.

  • If I can't make all the Live Zoom meetings, should I still join?

    That's up to you. While we highly encourage you to be a part of the majority of the calls, the recorded zoom sessions will be uploaded into your course for replay.

  • Is there a discount if I have multiple people from the same church/organization who want to join and learn together?

    Sure! Learning together is a great way to be sure you will actually apply the new knowledge into your existing programs. Contact [email protected] to get information on group discounts available.

  • Is there any commitment to purchase courses after the Cohort?

    Nope. We want to equip you to prepare your teams to serve well and our curriculum is for that purpose. Of course, there is opportunity to incorporate TMA courses and resources if you think it will work in your context. Otherwise, you will walk away with a list of tangible resources and ideas to build into your own training program. We only ask that you properly recognize where your materials have been sourced from if you use them in the future.