Course Overview

    1. Meet Your Instructor

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Intro Survey

    1. Your Definition of Culture

    2. Defining Culture

    3. Looking Beneath the Surface

    4. Dimensions of Culture

    1. Greetings from Around the World

    2. Differences in Communication

    3. Introducing Your Culture

    1. A Case Study: The Culture of Food

    2. The Curious Traveler

    3. Case Study Reflection

    4. Un-comfort Food

    5. "Kids Try Winter Comfort Foods from Around the World"

    1. Cultural Intelligence

    2. The CQ Model

    3. Strategy and Action

    4. CQ Quiz

    1. Reflection Questions

    2. Action & Prayer Points

    3. Before you go...

About this course

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  • 22 lessons

Course Instructor

Training & Curriculum Coordinator Andrea Kroeze

Andrea loves all things cozy: mugs filled with warm drinks, blankets and books. She is usually found organizing, creating a system, decorating her home, being a mom to 3 kids, or stretching her mind through a book or podcast. With 5 years experience living overseas in Uganda, Africa, Andrea's passion is equipping and training students in cultural understanding and preparing them for a life of mission.

Why should I take this course?

Whether you are preparing for a cross-cultural missions trip or want to know how to interact with those from your own neighborhood who come from a different background, this course will help build the foundational blocks about understanding culture. Explore how we can approach different cultures and ways in which we can communicate love despite our differences.