Course curriculum

    1. Meet Your Instructor

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Intro Survey

    1. The Economics of Poverty

    2. Complexities of Poverty

    3. Poverty & Our Response

    4. Reflection: Ethics of Care

    1. What does Poverty look like?

    2. "What Causes Poverty?" A Tale of Two Lives

    3. Quiz: What Causes Poverty?

    4. Dollar Street

    5. Response

    1. Beginning of Poverty

    2. Poverty As Brokenness

    3. Response #1

    4. Poverty is More Than Economics

    5. Response #2

    1. Review Quiz

    2. Action & Prayer Points

    3. Before you go...

    4. More resources for you

About this course

  • $19.00
  • 21 lessons
  • Approx 45 mins

Course Instructor

Executive Director, Touch The World Jesse Kroeze

My name is Jesse Kroeze and I’m the Executive Director at Touch the World. Short-term mission trips have played an incredibly important role in my life since high school. It was through those trips that I was able to experience God in a tangible way, embrace my faith as my own and then step into my calling to serve in a longer term capacity. For 5 years, I helped lead and work alongside a team of Ugandan, Kenyan and American missionaries serving a rural community in Northern Uganda. Traveling and living abroad has taught me more about myself and about God. With that experience, I now serve on the Board of Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission and full-time day-to-day I lead Touch the World, a missions organization that exists to equip youth to live out the mission of God every day, no matter where they are and whatever role God has called them to.

Why should I take this course?

Poverty is a complex topic. To engage with those in economic poverty, it is important to have an overview of contributing factors to global poverty and how we understand it through a biblical worldview.