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    Chapter 1: The Commission of Acts 1:8

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    Chapter 2: Embracing Discomfort

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    Chapter 3: Engaging Hear, Near and Far

    • Engaging Here

    • Engaging Near

    • Engaging Far

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    Before you go

    • Setting Goals for Engagement

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Your Instructor

Host Connections & Staff Care

Chantelle Pazmino

My name is Chantelle Pazmiño and I have been on staff at Touch the World for over 8 years. I’ve served in many positions over those years — from setting up short-term mission trip logistics to providing spiritual care for our staff, and currently being the bridge between our headquarters and our amazing missionary host partners. My experience serving in many roles and growing up as a missionary kid in West Africa, is what I use to inspire and train young people today about what it means to live on mission.

Why should I take this course?

If you know you are called to serve but are not sure where or what that looYou know you are called to serve, but you are not sure where. Using Acts 1:8 as a guide, this course will help you create action steps for living on mission every day.