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Mission = Purpose

When young people have the opportunity to serve and to take their eyes off of themselves, it opens up their world and their heart. When they find a mission, they find purpose. Whether you are preparing for a short-term mission trip or want to get your students engaged in meaningful local service, this "Deep Dive" will help you know what your students need to know before they go. These courses will lay a foundation for understanding their God-given purpose found in living on mission everyday and everywhere.

3 Ways to Dive In

Enroll in this course in various formats that best suit your needs

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    Work through this Deep Dive individually, at your own pace following a suggested weekly format for a 6-week course. Enroll today and start learning!

  • Learn with Your Team

    Get everyone on your team enrolled together in a private cohort. You will move through the courses together and your discussions will be contained to your team.

  • Hop on a Hybrid Cohort

    Coming soon...each leader goes through course material online individually with regular live zoom sessions to debrief with The Missions Academy instructors.

What is a Deep Dive?

This Deep Dive is a 6-week online learning collection that includes the following courses:

TENx10 Hybrid Cohorts... Coming Soon!

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