Why should I take these courses together?

  • Breakdown Us vs. Them Mentality

    When we understand poverty that stems from broken relationships, we can break down an us vs. them mentality. Fully explore these concepts by taking multiple courses that dive into this subject and provide tangible tools with how to engage with poverty in a short-term missions trip setting.

  • Get a Global Viewpoint

    To be involved in missions work, we must move past a myopic view of God's Church to embrace the global scope of how God is moving in the world. These collection of courses will provide you with a global perspective of economic poverty in the Majority World.

  • Put Love Into Action

    A desire to love is not always expressed as love. Equip yourself with tools—especially when encountering economic poverty—so that love can be tangibly experienced by others. Taken together, these courses will help you define poverty but also be able to know how to help without hurting.

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Course Instructors

Who will you learn from?

Executive Director, Touch The World Jesse Kroeze

My name is Jesse Kroeze and I’m the Executive Director at Touch the World. Short-term mission trips have played an incredibly important role in my life since high school. It was through those trips that I was able to experience God in a tangible way, embrace my faith as my own and then step into my calling to serve in a longer term capacity. For 5 years, I helped lead and work alongside a team of Ugandan, Kenyan and American missionaries serving a rural community in Northern Uganda. Traveling and living abroad has taught me more about myself and about God. With that experience, I now serve on the Board of Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission and full-time day-to-day I lead Touch the World, a missions organization that exists to equip youth to live out the mission of God every day, no matter where they are and whatever role God has called them to.

Training & Curriculum Coordinator Andrea Kroeze

Andrea loves all things cozy: mugs filled with warm drinks, blankets and books. She is usually found organizing, creating a system, decorating her home, being a mom to 3 kids, or stretching her mind through a book or podcast. With 5 years experience living overseas in Uganda, Africa, Andrea's passion is equipping and training students in cultural understanding and preparing them for a life of mission.

Why is learning about poverty necessary?

Poverty is complex and multi-dimensional.  There are various causes of poverty, outputs of poverty and responses to poverty; particularly from a Christian worldview.  Whether you are preparing to encounter economic poverty through a short-term mission trip or just want to be more equipped to understanding poverty on a global scale, it's necessary to break down preconceived ideas and create a more holistic picture of poverty.  Not only will this understanding equip you with tangible responses that will help instead of hurt, it will enable you to engage with those living in economic poverty with more empathy and dismantle an "us vs. them" mentality that can often be pervasive within the realm of short-term missions.